"At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can."--Frida Kahlo

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»Monday, June 19, 2006«
Some People Are Alive Only Because It’s Illegal To Kill Them «|» 2:43 AM

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil, for I am the meanest son of a bitch in the valley."--a bitchy quote



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»Sunday, April 30, 2006«
an update after a hundred years «|» 7:43 PM

good thing i fought the urge to stop blogging.i guess the writer in me won. now, where shall i start?

~STATISTICS: loving it to bits..bleecchh~


BBQ V: ilan sa iyo?
CS: 3x-5 where x=6
BBQ V: So 13, bale mura lang 5 sin 90 and isa
CS: Hmm...Paki convert naman po using arc tangent
BBQ V: Di ko keri, tangent nalang 5 tan 45. Kung gusto mo mag apply ka nalang ng reduction formula.
CS: Ok na po. Eto na bayad, (5x^2-5x+3)/sin 3x, x=5. Keep the change.

NOTE: Ganito ka useful ang math sa buhay natin(nosebleed itoh!)

It pains me to say this but, i didn't succeed climbing the STATISTICS mountain. That effing mountain. Despite the honest-to-goodness efforts to reach that effing mountain's peak, i still wasn't able to get there. And now, here i am, rotting inside while silently praying for a miracle that my grade willl somehow change. Then again, that certain miracle isn't meant for me..but for someone who, i think, needs it more than i do.

As what ive told Jenny, failing statistics was a wake up call for me; telling me to go back to my old, studious self. As i struggle to zip my old self back, i managed to realize a thing or two about living, learning and laughing.

Just because i flunked stat doesn't necessarily mean i'm a loser althroughout. It applies for everyone else. If you flunked a subject or two, it doesn't mean that you're a dumbass unfit for any friendship or respect.
You're still a human being who unfortunately got a 5 on your report card.

Speaking of 5 (i cringe at the mere utterance of this number), for anyone who's got, who's getting and who might be getting this hell of a number, stop, take a deep breath and smile. This is just a number, it can't kill you anyhow. Well, i wouldn't be a hypocrite and say i didn't got affected the moment i learned i got a 5. Of course i was sad, gloomy, disheartened...whatever adjective you wanna call it. But i didn't let this effing number to eat me alive. I simply allowed it to teach me one important lesson that i hope, you will also learn from it. It taught me that grades are mere numbers. NOMINAL DATA (see, ive learned from stat after all) they are. Numbers in the nominal data have the weakest level of measurement for they merely name or label differences.For me, what i got was a nominal number. It didn't measure my real capabilitites and my real self. It only measured my not-so-good performance in a short span of time.

Grades are essential, yes, but i think a person's worth aren't and shouldn't be measured with mere numbers. I'm speaking only for myself hah! These grades limit my life. These grades limit my life. These grades limit my life. Grades doesn't make a person. It's every life blissfully lived, every love wholeheartedly given and every laughter freely shared. Besides, i can't carry my grades to my grave and God, if ever i'll get to heaven, wouldn't ask what grade i got in my statistics class because if He does, He would still have to choose between the grade from my real stat class and the grade from my summer stat class. :p



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»Thursday, March 16, 2006«
update..at last!! after 10 yrs. «|» 5:34 AM

madaming bagay ang nangyare sakin..

>at nagutom..

sari-saring pangyayari...lahat sarap balik-balikan. Pero wala paring tatalo sa feeling ng mabuhusan ng isang baldeng nagyeyelong tubig sa likod...figuratively of course.

Para akong sinabunutan ng isanlibong bakla nang malaman kong may kinakarir na pala siya. Eto ako, si tanga't gaga, mega asa! ayun! naligo tuloy ako ng di oras!Lesson? Magdala ng sabon.



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»Monday, January 30, 2006«
versus medicine football team.. «|» 4:43 PM

wapak!! eto lang ang masasabi ko!! we won!! t'was our first game..and we won against medicine!! 1-0..asteg!! ate jeannie scored!! stig!!!next game..vs. nursing na...



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»Monday, January 09, 2006«
ayayayay!!! update itoh.. «|» 4:43 AM

at last..an update..i think i lost interest in blogging na. i dunno how it happened. basta, ayoko nang mag blog..pero!! eto ako at nag update parin. hehe..

>maganda and pasok ng taon sakin dahil nagtanim ako ng kamote sa bakuran namin..
> juz met my cousins..sa father side. ngayon ko lang sila nakilala so i'm looking forward to knowing them better...
>para akong adik..(what's new?)
>nadagdagan ang pagka adik ko sa football..buti nga hindi na about football 'tong entry na to..hehe..



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»Wednesday, November 16, 2005«
HALA..SIGE..SIPA!!! «|» 10:07 PM

at last nakapag update narin ako. as usual, i just got home from football training. i'm tired and i'm pissed!!! i had been irritable this morning... i dunno why..pero naiirita talaga ako. i guess twas triggered by the thought and eventually the realization that my crush is the "user-friendly" type of person. badtrip talaga yung mga ganun!!! kakaibiganin ka tapos sangkaterbang favors ang hihingin sayo in the long run. bangis non!!!

badtrip nako pag pasok ko, tapos sa scrimmage namin kanina naka own goal pako. bangis talaga!!! pero pag asar ako or inis ako, lalo akong nagiging aggressive. wala akong paki kahit anong mangyari sakin basta makuha ko yung bola sa kalaban.

>sana matapos na ang lahat...
>sana hindi ako magkalat sa intrams...
>sana wala nang mga user-friendly...



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»Tuesday, November 01, 2005«
BANGAS «|» 1:22 PM

excited nako magtraining ulit. sa U.P. na kami sa friday..hayy..inay ko kasi hindi ako pinayagang magtraining nung monday eh..pati nung wednesday...di parin matuloy tuloy yung lakad namin nila Bruhaha (Ate Jeannie)..pano di nga ako nakakapagtraining..nkkhya na nga sa kanila eh..pero sabi nia labas nalang kami pag showing na yung Harry Potter 4..haayyy.. sana friday na..gusto ko nang mag FOOTBALL!!!

sayang..di natuloy yung FUTSAL nung saturday..sayang talaga...
gusto ko pa namang maglaro..kaya lang umalis kami eh...pero ok lang..d rin naman daw natuloy yung futsal..pero sayang..sayang talaga...

nagpunta pinsan ko dito nung monday, kaaalis lang nia kanina..ayun, laro laro kami sa labas,,sipa sipa ng bola. ngayong sem pwede na daw siyang sumali sa football team ng U.E..hindi lang sa college nila siya maglalaro, kundi para sa buong university..bangas no? sana ako rin..hehe

bakit ba ako masyadong adik sa football??

dati pangarap ko lang yun,,ngayon,,,totoo nah!!

sana mas lumakas pa pagsipa ko...

sana gumaling ako sa paglalaro...

nakaka high ang futbol...

....nakaka high...

...shet..naubos ko na yung Gatorade na dapat iinumin ko sa friday...



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